Why You Should Add Jackson Hole, WY to You Travel Bucket List

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a town in the middle of gorgeous scenery. It’s near both the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, and the city boasts several ski resorts that people love to visit. But if you’ve never heard of Jackson Hole, you should change that immediately. Once you learn of the things you can experience in this part of the country, it’ll be permanently on your bucket list.

Bike Through Yellowstone

When the snow in Yellowstone clears, the biking trails open back up, usually in late March or April. Take a bike ride through Yellowstone at any time during the warm months to view spectacular nature scenes. Yellowstone is especially picturesque in fall, and the bike gives you the opportunity to see great distances of the park.

Walk Through Grand Teton Park in Snow Shoes

Visit Jackson Hole in winter to strap on snow shoes and take a guided tour through the Grand Teton Park. See winter nature covered in a blanket of pure white snow, and learn facts you never knew about Wyoming’s wildlife and landscape. Some cozy Jackson Hole hotels are very near Grand Teton National Park; when you’re done snow shoeing, run a hot bath and order room service to warm back up.

Dine on Gourmet Food

Some delicious restaurants in Jackson Hole serve gourmet meals you shouldn’t miss. Whether you prefer delectable seafood or a seriously sizzling steak, head to Blue Lion or the Snake River Grill for some quality dishes. By the way, you can get wild game dishes, including elk, that you’re unlikely to find in most of America’s big cities.

Take a Sleigh Ride in National Elk Refuge

A sleigh ride through pristine snow in a winter wonderland is the stuff of movies and dreams. In Jackson Hole, you can book a sleigh ride in the National Elk Refuge. You’ll see a gorgeous winter landscape and tons of winter wildlife. The elk are a given, but you’ll also catch sight of bison, eagles, and coyotes.

Go Rafting on Snake River

Spring, summer, and fall on Snake River bring exciting rafting opportunities that are great for families. Hop on a large raft and either paddle or hold on as you travel miles down Snake River. You can take a whitewater journey or a scenic float, depending on your sense of adventure.

Eat Chili at Elkfest

Elkfest is an annual celebration in Jackson Hole. At this spring festival, you can bid on a pair of antlers at auction, visit the Jackson Hole Historical Society History Booth, and see displays by the Wyoming Fish and Game Department. This is a fun weekend filled with learning opportunities, games, and most importantly, a chili cook-off. Buy a spoon for a few bucks and taste the best chili around.

Whenever you visit, Jackson Hole boasts lots of gorgeous scenery and plentiful opportunities to view it. Bring your camera because you’ll encounter views that you’ll want to capture forever. With so much to see and do, you might just move Jackson Hole right to the top of your bucket list.