Why Is Obamacare the Hot Topic Among Americans?

Obamacare has been all around for so long; with so many controversies and supports, it’s the largest overhaul of US Healthcare System. The law aims to provide health insurance to the people who don’t receive any coverage from employers. It’s more like a patient protection and Affordable Care Act which was passed by Congress and signed by then President, Mr. Obama in 2010.

Obamacare has revamped the insurance market by expanding Medicaid not only to the employees with a good salary, but also to the low-income Americans. It aids to cover almost every industry be it hospitals, doctors, restaurants, ice cream parlors and much more to provide affordable healthcare to every American. You can take this health policy quiz to know more about Obamacare and changes in law.

The law holds state-run marketplaces which include websites like shopping site and online portals where one can easily compare the price to get most coverage from them. Under the law, the insurance companies cannot deny any health coverage to the people who have health conditions. Plus, it expands the life of government-run health program to come to light for the people with low income.

When there are so many benefits of the law, why it has always been in controversies? For private policy providers, the law is an unwanted intrusion in their field. Some people also say that the law adds so many other costs in the business making the trade difficult. The rise in premiums is also the reason why most people are opposing it. Even many insurance companies are stepping back because, for middle-income Americans, the increase in insurance cost is not bearable.

However, the important thing is, people in health insurances are well aware of these obstacles and are finding ways to take adequate steps towards it. You can even browse HealthIQ.com and participate in different quizzes to get more info about it.

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