What Squirming Means to Children with Learning Disabilities

Parenting or teaching a child with learning disabilities can be a tiring process that requires a lot of patience and tolerance. However, the efforts of a parent and teacher can be implemented in vain if they are unaware of certain behavioral features that a child can display. The situation is made even worse due to a large number of children that suffer from a learning disability but go on undiagnosed.

Among the many learning disabilities, ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children, and it can be easily diagnosed through symptoms such as the inability to pay attention and a hyperactive personality. While many of the signs are linked to young children, it should be a matter of concern if they do so past the age of five.

However, there is often comorbidity between ADHD and other learning disorders such as dyslexia which is highlighted by the child having trouble with reading and recognition of letters and words that they are already familiar with. Moreover, some children may also have a certain motor disorder which makes them move involuntarily and unable to control those movements.

Such children display hypersensitivity to touch and are unable to focus on their schoolwork. These signals are what a teacher should be on the lookout for because they are around children during the time of their life when they are expected to read and write hence they are likely to display behavior linked to learning disorders.

Teachers may find that certain students that have a nonverbal disability will do better at communication rather than processing visual cues and body language. Ways to help such children thrive involves making certain adjustments such as keeping a quiet room for a child with dyspraxia, a known coordination disorder so that they can concentrate.

Additionally, the answers and responses of children who have dyslexia can be understood when they are allowed to do so with the help of a word processor and spell check. These are just some of the ways you can help in developing an encouraging environment for your child’s mental development, and if you’re looking for more, HealthIQ.com has a lot more to offer.