Recent Study Says Vitamin C Is Not Only For Anti-Ageing  

Vitamin C, no doubt has numerous amazing benefits when it comes to health. No matter how you consume it, whether, through tropical treatments or fruits, it will certainly leave the positive effects on your skin. Well, it is a known fact that vitamin C is a great anti-aging element. But, do you know according to the recent study, it is just not only for anti-aging! Here are some of the incredible characteristics of vitamin C that will surely amaze you.

The primary characteristic is that it reduces inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory property, which works wonder for calming down the skin. If you have any skin issues then you must go for the serums that have large concentrations of vitamin C. The reason being, it helps in reducing puffiness around the eyes and also on the face. One of the great things about vitamin C is that it can shun away the scurvy problems. According to the studies, consumption of 60 milligrams of vitamin C, which is equal to one-sixth of an orange, has proved to prevent scurvy.

Another astonishing thing about it is that it keeps cancer at bay. Eating the diet, which is full of vitamin C, can lessen the risks of esophagus, stomach, bladder, and lung cancers. Studies stated that vitamin C in high quantity appears to be toxic to the cancer cells. So, it would be great if people include about five or more vegetables or fruits daily.

Well, did you know consuming a good amount of vitamin C can help in achieving long healthy life! For that, you can mix citrus juices such as orange, lemon or lime with green tea. This unique blend will allow eighty percent of the anti-oxidants of the green tea to fix around after simulated digestion. The fusion of this will certainly supercharge the immunity-boosting power of the green tea.

Apart from these, vitamin C helps in saving the eyesight, protect the heart, enhance the brain power and much more. The great thing that comes to the highlight is that intake of vitamin C is undoubtedly good for health. You should visit HealthIQ to learn more information about how vitamin C is beneficial to your health.