Online Nursing Student Experience

As you know, experience is everything when it comes to education at a prestigious institute. With the advent of technology, several institutes have started offering courses online for students who are far away and cannot visit the campus in person. This same experience is shared by a current student studying nursing online at Maryville and her name is Elizabeth Miller.

She has shared her experience as an online nursing student and has mentioned everything from how her experience was while studying and the level of support she was able to garner from the advisors and the faculty members at Maryville.

Elizabeth has been working as a nurse for the past 3 years and is 26 years old. Wanting to further her career whilst working full-time, she opted to go for the online program at Maryville University. She chose this so she could work and learn at the same time as going for a classroom experience would mean that she would have to let go of her full time job.

The most important reason for choosing Maryville was that she had already studied there and is a graduate. The experience had been really good, which was a reason why she felt comfortable in coming back to pursue a FNP degree.

Of course the experience of studying online and being in the classroom are quite different. Her opinion is more positively favored towards the online program as it is paced much more quickly, something that was perfect for her as she pursued her Master’s. Being online allowed her to interact with other students from other states as they worked together as groups. Networking with one another helped them share ideas and learn more about one another and the nursing field in general.

Even though she was a bit reluctant to start an online program as she had never done anything like this in the past, the support and the good nature of everyone in the school made it possible and simple to go through with it. She also admits that she was not good with computers, so that was another reason why she was hesitant at first. The support and help form everyone was what made the difference and allowed her to successfully go through with it.

The advisors at the university are great, always ready and willing to help the students studying online. The same can be said of the faculty as they too were available to help whenever needed via email and phone. This allowed Elizabeth to get in touch with them whenever the need required for her to ask any questions related to her classes.

A Student’s Advice

Elizabeth’s advice to new and upcoming students is simple, just believe in yourself and be confident. Know that you can go ahead with this online program and you can accomplish it. Also make sure to stay in touch with other students, professors and the advisors as they can really help you out in difficult situations or when there is something that you do not understand.