Man Set to Serve 120 days Jail Term After Cutting Pet Fish in Half

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP)- A man is said to have been served a 120-day jail term after police reports confirmed that he chopped a pet fish in two at some point during a dispute.

As stated by Bristol Press, Juan Vega, 33, on Tuesday, pleaded guilty to the allegations levelled against him which includes breach of tranquillity. As a result of plea bargaining, the court dropped a charge of inhumanity to animals. Bristol Authorities revealed that on April 27, the Connecticut police department reacted to a phone call about a domestic unrest in a home in Bristol.

According to the police, Vega was involved in a verbal disagreement with an adult female, and he destroyed belongings in the process. The woman’s son told officers that a betta fish which happened to be the family’s pet got killed. The prosecutor disclosed that the death of the fish had a traumatic effect on the 9-year-old boy.