Hotel Schani Wien – The World’s Best Smart Hotel

Ting the precious conclusions that came out in “FutureHotel guest Survey” by Fraunhofer Institute, Schani Wien Hotel opened itself as the first co-working hotels in the world. Hotel Schani Wien is one of those hotels which strives to make the guests’ time more productive, easy, and smart.

The hotel welcomed various technologies with open arms and integrated a bunch of time saving and versatile options into its system. The technologies include digital keys as encrypted data in a mobile phone application, payment option via Bitcoin, viewing and selecting the exact room you want via an online platform, electric scooters for rent, and charging stations for electric cars. Benedikt Komarek, CEO of Schani Wien Hotel told in an interview that they have tried to optimize the guests’ experience, every step of the way.

Not only does Hotel Schani Wien strives to make the guests’ stay an easy one, it also tries to be productive for them. Komarek explained that businessmen are used to of travelling, they know how to pick their desired seat on their desired flight. Likewise, Hotel Schani Wien tries to make such a productive system for travelers where they won’t have to stand in lines and wait for their turn. Morever, Schani Wien Hotel also pays homage to the painters and artists who have ruled the world of imagination painted on a canvas in Viennese past.