Best Ways to Advance Your Marketing Career

Marketing is a very lucrative career. This field has plenty of high-paying jobs for people qualified and skilled enough to fill them. In order to stay relevant and keep on moving forward with their careers, marketing professionals are always calculating their next move. When marketers consider taking a step to boost their careers, they are always faced with a wide range of choices. However, there are career moves and tips that are simply proven to work better than others. Here are some of the best career moves marketing professionals can make to move their career forward.

  1. Building Their Own Brand

Let’s face it – the personal brand plays a fundamental role in how prospective employers and clients perceive you as a marketing professional. The personal brand simply determines how a marketing professional is perceived by prospective employers and clients. How you would like people to know you for is decided by working on your brand. To better understand this, think of yourself as a product that you are trying to promote. What would people like to hear and feel towards you? How should you present your services to them in order to build lasting business relationships? Answering those questions can greatly help you establish your personal brand and boost your career.

  1. Get an MBA in Marketing

For many marketing professionals who have plateaued in their career, an MBA is the next logical step to take. However, for many working professionals, returning to school is simply not possible. The strain of their jobs and a full time study workload is simply too much to handle. This is where the option of an online degree becomes really attractive. With an online degree, working professionals can keep their jobs and pursue a degree at a rate that best suits their busy schedules.

Among the available options, Maryville’s Online MBA is one that is definitely worth considering. Among the 9 possible MBA concentrations is marketing, a natural choice for anyone in the field. In addition to that, this degree has some clear perks that distinguish it from the competition:

  • Can be completed in as little as 1 year
  • 6 start times per year
  • Can be completed 100% online
  • No GMAT or GRE required

In addition to those perks that make completing the degree more convenient, this MBA has a very decent reputation and value for money:

  • Made the Forbes “Top Colleges” list for the past 3 years
  • Accredited by ACBSP and NCA
  • Listed as a “Best College Values 2017” school by Kiplinger

All of these perks make Maryville’s MBA degree a worthy option for marketing professionals looking to advance their careers.